Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Block Two, Discussion D (Spring 2014)

Reflect on Block Two in its entirety. Based on the resources you have gained and the projects you have created, what is your current perspective on technology as an instructional tool? Is this consistent or different than your opinion at the beginning of the semester? Explain.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Block Two, Discussion C (Spring 2014)

Present Me offers educators an opportunity to showcase their instructional and communication skills. What two (2) things did you have to consider when providing narration to your Tell'em in 10 presentation?

Block Two, Discussion B (Spring 2014)

In what ways are technological assessment tools limited (as it relates to your unit) for the student? What about other education stakeholders (parents, administrators, community advocates, etc.)

Block Two, Discussion A (Spring 2014)

Select two (2) communication applications and design an activity that would have instructional value to your unit.

Block One, Discussion B (Spring 2014)

Select a classmates flyer from the "Rules an Routines" folder in Google Docs. What items were similar to your own? Different? What did you consider the most relevant rule for YOUR flyer? Why?

Block One, Discussion A (Spring 2014)

Discuss a task that you completed in your youth that has changed DRASTICALLY due to technology. Elaborate on whether your feel technology was positive or negative to the task. Which one ISTE Student Standard was helped/hindered? Explain.